Elite Loft Ladder

The Elite heavy duty loft ladder…

…easy to operate and very strong; a proven solution for a wide range of applications

From £620 (excl. VAT)


Material: Pressure die-cast aluminium
Operation: Spring-assisted retractable ladder
Load capacity: 200kg per step
U-value: N/A
Max floor-to-ceiling height: 3.39m

The Elite heavy duty concertina loft ladder is ideal for a renovation project or replacement of an old loft ladder. It is easy to install within an existing ceiling opening or hatch box.

Supplied as a ready to fit unit, The Elite loft ladder is manufactured from high strength die-cast aluminium alloy components. It is supplied with two heavy duty counter-balanced springs incorporated into pivot brackets. As a result, it can be raised and lowered with a minimum of effort. In addition, large steps and pre-assembled telescopic handrail offer comfort, safety and ease of egress.


Key benefits at a glance

  • High strength, heavy duty loft ladder.
  • Load capacity of 200kg per step.
  • Ease of use, requiring operating forces of less than 3kg.
  • Space-saving concertina loft ladder for small ceiling openings.
  • Ideal for retro-fit applications.
  • Large steps for comfort and safety.
  • Available in standard sizes or made-to-order with a wide range of options and accessories.


  • Spring-assisted concertina (retractable) loft ladder
    • Easy to operate, requiring less than 3kg of force to open/close.
  • Concertina ladder manufactured from pressure die-cast aluminium
    • Lightweight
    • Strength
    • Stability
    • Durability
  • High strength, heavy duty loft ladder, with a load capacity of 200kg per step.
  • Supplied assembled to a fascia board that can be easily installed within an existing hatch box or directly to the ceiling timbers or masonry.
  • Available in standard sizes for opening width of 600mm (or larger) and floor-to-ceiling heights of 2200mm to 3390mm.
  • Can be made-to-order in a range of different widths for ceiling openings as narrow as 430mm (contact us for details).
  • Telescopic handrail.
    • Pre-assembled to right-hand side
  • Large steps / treads for improved safety, comfort and ease of egress
    • Standard step width of 350mm
    • Maximum stair width supplied to fit your opening width
    • Step width from 200mm to 380mm.
    • Step depth of 140mm
  • Non-slip protective feet
  • Available with a high-backboard with height-adjustable steps to enable egress through particularly deep ceiling-to-roof voids.
  • Optional hinge mechanism is available to allow the Elite loft ladder to be utilised in vertical applications, such as on a mezzanine floor or in a wall hatch.
  • Powder coat finish to any RAL colour.
  • Wide range of loft ladder accessories (see below for details).

Please contact us for further information about these optional features.

The Elite loft ladder is available in the following standard sizes that can be ordered online.

No. of treads

Minimum Opening length (mm) Clear room height (mm)



2200 – 2500



2501 – 2790



2791 – 3090

12 820

3091 – 3390


Opening width (from) (mm)

Tread/step width (mm)




Available made-to-measure…

The Elite is available in other sizes to suit opening widths from 430mm. Please download a ‘customer specification sheet’ (below) and contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange a quotation.

CSS PLL Elite & Elite special backboard

  • Manufactured to EN 14975 (DN 4570)
  • Supplied with a manufacturer’s 2-year full warranty and 10-year parts warranty


The following accessories are only available for order with an Elite heavy duty loft ladder.  Please make sure to add the required accessories to your cart before checkout, or contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

Additional tread for use with aluminium retractable loft ladders

Additional Treads

from £70 (excl. VAT)

Folding tread for use with aluminium retractable loft ladders

Additional Folding Treads

£105 (excl. VAT)

Grab rail for use in deep hatch box

Grab Rail

£95 (excl. VAT)


Elite loft ladder brochure

Aluminium concertina loft ladder brochure


Elite ladder – 6000231B

Elite 9 handrail B

Elite 9 vert handrail B

Elite 10 handrail B

Elite 10 vert handrail B

Elite 11 handrail B


DWG File

Elite 11 vert handrail B


DWG File

Elite 12 handrail B

Elite 12 vert handrail B

NBS Plus

Technical specification for the Elite heavy duty concertina loft ladder can be found on NBS Plus.

Case Studies

Elite Vertical loft ladder proves to be the perfect solution for a New Build project in France

Jill Ranford and Patrick Taggart are the proud owners of a beautiful new build home in Southern France. The main bedroom features a vaulted ceiling with access to a loft via a wall hatch located 2.7m up from the floor. Therefore a loft ladder was required that could be easily operated at that height and could be folded behind the wall hatch door without taking up too much loft space. The Elite Vertical Loft Ladder proved to be the perfect solution for Jill and Patrick’s needs.

“The Elite is now installed in our loft doorway and performs beautifully. It is so unlike cheap loft ladders that I’ve come across in the past”

Jill Ranford

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