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Custom loft ladders

We understand that one-size does not fit all, which is why all most all of our loft ladders are made-to-order to fit your exact requirements.
We also appreciate that some applications require a unique loft ladder to fit a very specific set of requirements.

Made-to-measure loft ladder…

Premier Loft Ladders offer our customers a wide range of made-to-measure, custom loft ladders.  As a result, you can be sure you get a loft ladder that fits your exact requirements, which minimises the need for costly and inconvenient ceiling alterations.  This is a particularly important consideration for retrofit and renovation projects.

Our range of made-to-measure loft ladders include all of our aluminium retractable loft ladders and wooden loft ladders (with the exception of the Cadet 3).  It also includes all of our specialist loft ladder products, including electric loft ladders, fire resistant loft ladders and flat roof access ladders.

Click here to download one of our customer specification sheets and then contact us to discuss your requirements.

Customised loft ladders…

Some applications require a highly customised loft ladder to fit a very specific set of requirements. For example, we have developed a custom loft ladder and highly insulated roof hatch solution for a listed building under strict building controls. The flat roof hatch also needed to be clad in lead sheeting. As a result, the upper cover was specially designed with 100 mm of insulation (achieving a U-value of 0.58 W/m2K) and higher strength gas struts that were capable of coping with the weight of the lead cladding (over 30 kg/m2).

Furthermore, our range of loft ladders can be customised with a range of accessories. These accessories offer a variety of benefits, such as enhanced safety features, improved security, aesthetic changes or upper-level operation. For further details about the range of accessories available for our loft ladders and stairways, please visit the individual product pages.

Supreme electric custom loft ladder with extra wide hatch and aluminium footplate
Supreme electric ladder with custom loft hatch and aluminium footplate

Customer requirements specification sheets

Customer Requirements Specification Sheets

The following specification sheets help to guide you through the process of choosing the perfect custom made loft ladder for your project. If you know the type of stairway that you would like, please download the relevant file, complete the details and then email it to us. If not, please use the generic sheet (with any additional notes) and we will work with you to find the best solution.

Generic loft ladder

Please use this form for general loft ladder requirements


Use this for help in choosing the correct Supreme heavy duty loft ladder. The Supreme is a highly versatile loft ladder for a wide range of both commercial and domestic projects.

Supreme electric

Use this for help in choosing the Supreme electric loft ladder. The Supreme electric loft ladder offers the ultimate in performance and convenience.

Supreme with flat roof access hatch

Use this for help in specifying the Supreme heavy duty loft ladder with a flat roof access hatch.

Supreme F30 with wooden hatch box

Use this for help in choosing the fire rated Supreme with a wooden hatch box. This loft ladder offers 30 minutes of fire protection.

Supreme F30 / F60 / F90 with steel hatch box

Use this for help in specifying the fire rated Supreme with a steel hatch box. Heavy duty fire rated loft ladder for commercial projects. This loft ladder offers 30, 60 or 90 minutes of fire protection.


Use this for help in choosing the correct Elite heavy duty loft ladder. The Elite is ideal for both commercial and domestic retrofit projects and small ceiling openings.


Use this for help in choosing the Ecco loft ladder. The Ecco is ideal for domestic or light-commercial projects with small ceiling openings.

MiniLine fire rated loft ladder

Use this for help in choosing the MiniLine fire rated loft ladder. The MiniLine is ideal for domestic or light-commercial projects with small ceiling openings.

Piccolo and Piccolo Premium

Use this for help in choosing the correct Piccolo or Piccolo Premium loft ladder. These are ideal for domestic retrofit applications and small ceiling openings.


Use this for help in choosing the Designo wooden loft ladder. The highly insulated and high strength Designo offers the perfect balance of performance and aesthetics.


Use this for help in choosing the Quadro wooden loft ladder. The Quadro is a made-to-measure loft ladder. It is available as either a 3-part folding or 2-part sliding wooden ladder.


Use this for help in selecting the Cadet wooden loft ladder. Available as a folding or sliding wooden loft ladder. Ideal for domestic projects.


Use this for help in specifying the ProfiLine fire rated wooden loft ladder.


Can we be of help?

If you require help in choosing the right loft ladder, would like to discuss your application, arrange a site visit or request further information, please do not hesitate to contact us…

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