Premier Loft Ladders offer the highest-quality engineered loft ladders and associated products, supported by the very best technical advice. Our customers can be confident that they are getting an access solution as good as the building that it is designed to be used in.

Heavy duty retractable aluminium attic ladder with RAL colour powder coat finish

Heavy duty loft ladders and stairways to meet the
high-performance demands of commercial projects

Wooden loft ladder and insulated hatch. The Cadet 3

High quality loft ladders and stairways offering safe,
dependable and easy access for all residential applications


Our product range is suitable for both commercial and residential use. It includes both traditionally-styled wooden attic ladders, as well as easy-to-operate aluminium concertina loft access ladders. We also offer a wide range of specialist products, including features such as fire resistance and electrical operation. Furthermore, we can offer customised solutions for the most demanding applications.

In addition, we have recently expanded our range of Passivhaus (Passive House) certified loft ladders.  They feature highly insulated and airtight loft hatches, which are designed specifically for use in passive buildings.  In addition, the high load ratings and durable construction make them suitable for a range of domestic, commercial and industrial projects.

Supreme Vertical loft ladder NBS specification now available

Product specification data is now available within NBS Plus for the Supreme Vertical loft ladder. This heavy duty loft ladder offers safe and easy access into lofts and plant rooms that are accessed via an elevated wall access hatch.   Supreme Vertical loft...

3m Loft Ladder

Premier Loft Ladders offer a range of solutions for high ceilings. Most of our product range is available as a 3m loft ladder, with some models capable of reaching up to 4.6m. To help with identifying the right loft ladder for your project, we have provided an...

New product! The Quadro DD wooden attic ladder

Premier Loft Ladders are pleased to announce the launch of a new product - The Quadro DD...Upper loft hatch for improved thermal insulation The Quadro DD features all the same benefits as the innovative Quadro 3 part folding wooden attic ladder. Such as the...

Fire rated loft hatch and ladder – Premier Loft Ladders

Why choose a fire rated loft hatch and ladder? A fire rated loft hatch and ladder provides safe and convenient access into a loft, plant room or onto a roof. Most importantly, it provides fire resistance when closed. The hatch can also provide high levels of thermal...

Heavy Duty Loft Ladder

What is a 'heavy duty loft ladder'? Anyone can say they offer a heavy duty loft ladder, but what does it really mean? Well, the first thing to look for is whether or not the loft ladder was constructed and tested in accordance with EN 14975. This European standard...

The Difference is in the Detail - Premier Loft Ladders


Premier Loft Ladders are strong believers that the difference is in the detail. As such, the carefully selected range of products feature the latest innovations and the highest quality components. This is coupled with the highest levels of service.

What are loft ladders?

Loft ladders provide access to lofts, attics, plant rooms, or even a roof. As such, they come in all shapes and sizes. For example, folding wooden ladders, compact concertina ladders, sliding attic ladders or electrically operated stairs. Furthermore, they are available in a variety of load ratings and with fire rated hatches.

In order to save space, attic ladders are typically installed within the ceiling, concealed by a drop-down hatch. However, they can also be installed into vertical wall openings, although this requires specially designed ladders. For access to a roof, particularly for the purpose of roof-top maintenance, heavy duty retractable ladders are fixed beneath a flat roof hatch or rooflight.

In summary, there is a loft access ladder for all needs and budgets. However, finding the right one for your project can be difficult. Therefore, please explore our solutions by installation type (see below). Also, please click here to read our useful guide for choosing the best product for your project.

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