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Vertical installation loft ladders solutions from Premier Loft Ladders

Vertical loft ladders for installation on to mezzanines or into wall hatches…


Our vertical loft ladders are specially designed for gaining access into lofts, onto mezzanine floors or even into plant/boiler rooms. They provide an excellent space-saving solution for this challenging application. When not needed, our vertical loft ladders retract away.  As a result, they can be positioned neatly behind a door or wall hatch, with minimal protrusion into the space behind. When required, their spring assisted mechanism allows for safe and easy operation.

Vertical Loft Ladders

Our range of loft ladders for vertical installation applications

Retractable vertical loft ladders…

Our product range includes the Supreme Vertical loft ladder, which is a heavy duty (200kg load capacity per step) retractable aluminium loft ladder. The Supreme Vertical loft ladder features an insulated hatch box and door to help keep warm air in the building and minimise energy costs. As the door is opened, the spring assisted ladder gently unfolds onto the floor below.

The Elite vertical loft ladder features the same high performance heavy duty loft ladder as the Supreme Vertical, but is supplied without the hatch box. Therefore, it can be conveniently placed behind an existing door, or discretely positioned on a mezzanine floor.

Finally, the Piccolo Premium retractable loft ladder completes our vertical loft ladder offering.  The Piccolo Premium is a lighter-duty version of the Elite, but it’s compact design makes it perfect for very narrow openings.

Elite Vertical Loft Ladders for mezzanine floors and wall loft hatches. Black powder coat finish. Premier Loft Ladders
Elite Vertical loft ladders for mezzanine floors and wall hatches. Shown with optional black powder coat finish.


An overview of our loft ladder range for vertical wall openings and mezzanine floors.

Vertical loft ladder brochure


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