Supreme roof hatch with heavy duty concertina loft ladder. Premier Loft Ladders

Concertina loft ladder with hatch box Load rating of 200kg per tread Overall Load rating. 500kg/m2 Supplied with handrail as standard Lightweight operation. Less than 3kg load. Available made-to-measure Thermally insulated. U value = 0.37 W/m2K Class 4 certified airtight seal

Supreme Flat Roof Hatch with Heavy Duty Ladder

Safe and easy roof access for commercial and industrial projects

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Material (ladder): Pressure die-cast aluminium
Operation: Spring-assisted retractable ladder
Load capacity: 200 kg per step
U-value: 0.37 W/m2K
Max floor-to-ceiling height: 4.6 m

Roof hatch with integrated heavy duty aluminium loft ladder. The retractable ladder is manufactured from high strength die-cast aluminium alloy components contained within, and attached to, a laminated wooden hatch box and a 62 mm thick sandwich construction insulated trapdoor. The heavy duty spring mechanism allows you to raise and lower the loft ladder with a minimum of effort (operating force of less than 3 kg). In addition, large steps, non-slip protective feet and pre-assembled telescopic handrail offer comfort, safety and ease of egress.

The roof hatch is designed to withstand the wind and weather, is water-repellent and treated with fungicide. It also provides excellent energy efficiency, with a U-value of 0.37 W/m2K. Furthermore, it is airtight, certified to air permeability Class 4. It is prepared ready for on-site installation of customer-provided insulation around the sides of the hatch box.


Key benefits at a glance

  • High strength, heavy duty ladder (load capacity of 200 kg per step).
  • Weather resistant flat roof hatch
  • Available for a sloped roof (up to 45 degree pitch) – see ‘Optional Features’
  • Ease of use, requiring operating forces of less than 3 kg.
  • Space-saving retractable loft ladder for small ceiling openings.
  • High energy efficiency of 0.37 W/m2K.
  • Suitable for very high ceilings.
  • Large steps and telescopic handrail for comfort and safety.
  • Available made-to-measure with a wide range of options and accessories.
  • Spring-assisted retractable (concertina) loft ladder
    • Easy to operate, requiring less than 3 kg of force to open/close.
  • Retractable ladder manufactured from pressure die-cast aluminium
    • Lightweight
    • Strength
    • Stability
    • Durability
  • High strength, heavy duty ladder, with a load capacity of 200 kg per step
  • Supplied assembled in a flat roof hatch box with insulated trapdoors
    • Wind and weather-proof roof hatch that is treated with fungicide*
    • Can be specified with hatch box depths of up to 1770 mm
    • Lower trapdoor supplied with a white finish to the underside
    • Snap-lock closure mechanism on lower trapdoor
  • Highly insulated (U-value of 0.37 W/m2K, calculated per DIN EN ISO 6946)
    • Reducing loss of heat and lowering energy costs
  • Airtight (Class 4 air permeability certified by IFT Rosenheim according to DIN EN 12207 / 12114)
  • Available in standard hatch sizes for floor-to-ceiling heights between 2200 mm and 2790 mm
  • Can be made-to-measure to meet your exact dimensional requirements, for floor-to-ceiling heights of up to 4600 mm (contact us for details)
  • Telescopic handrail as standard
  • Large steps / treads for improved safety, comfort and ease of egress
    • Maximum stair width supplied to fit your floor-to-ceiling height and opening width
    • Step width ranges from 200 mm to 580 mm (subject to aperture size and ceiling height).
    • Step depth from 140 mm (for steps up to 380 mm wide) to 160 mm (for steps between 430 mm and 580 mm wide)
  • Non-slip feet with rubber pads to protect the floor
  • Available with a wide range of accessories


* Please note –  the sides of hatch box above roof deck level must be in-filled with insulation and protected with a waterproof membrane

Installation on a pitched / sloping roof

The roof hatch can be modified for installation on a sloped roof. Suitable for between 0 – 45 degree roof pitch. Additional costs apply. Please contact us for a quote.


Fire rated flat roof hatch with heavy duty ladder

  • The Supreme roof hatch and heavy duty ladder is available with either wooden or steel fire rated hatch boxes for projects where fire protection is essential.
  • Available with F30, F60 or F90 fire ratings.
  • Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Roof hatch with electric heavy duty ladder

  • The Supreme loft ladder is available with a low-noise electric motor for the ultimate in convenience. In addition, it features a back-up battery power supply, as well as an automatic safety and limit stop function.
  • Click here for more information

The Supreme Flat Roof Hatch with Heavy Duty Ladder is available in the following standard sizes that can be ordered online.

Clear room height (mm)

Opening length x width (mm) Case height (mm)

2200 – 3090

1200 x 600


2200 – 3090

1200 x 700


2200 – 3090

1300 x 700


2200 – 3090 1400 x 700



Available made-to-measure…

The roof hatch and ladder are available made-to-measure for floor-to-ceiling heights from 1.85 m to 4.6 m, and opening sizes from as small as 900 mm long x 600 mm wide.

Minimum hatch box depth of 680 mm, up to 2070 mm. There must be a minimum clearance of 150 mm from the finished roof level to the top of the hatch box.

Please download a ‘customer specification sheet’ (below) and contact us to discuss your requirements and to arrange a quotation.

CSS PLL Supreme with weather proof roof hatch


  • Manufactured to EN 14975 (certified by TÜV SÜD)
  • Supplied with a manufacturer’s 2-year full warranty and 10-year parts warranty


The following accessories are only available for order with a Supreme heavy duty loft ladder.  Please make sure to add the required accessories to your cart before checkout, or contact us directly to discuss your requirements.


Supreme loft ladder brochure

Aluminium concertina loft ladder brochure


Supreme loft ladder with a wooden hatch box and trapdoor plus weatherproof roof hatch plus 1 additional tread – 6000211E

Supreme loft ladder with a wooden hatch box and trapdoor plus weatherproof roof hatch plus 2 additional treads – 6000212E

Supreme loft ladder with a wooden hatch box and trapdoor plus weatherproof roof hatch plus 3 additional treads – 6000213E

NBS Source

Technical specification for the Supreme ladder with flat roof access hatch can be found on NBS Source.

NBS Source Partner. Premier Loft Ladders products can be found on NBS Source

Case Studies

Roof hatch with heavy duty retractable ladder. Premier Loft Ladders case study

Retractable Roof Access Ladder and Hatch

Premier Loft Ladders were contacted by a specialist food processing plant to replace a damaged retractable roof access ladder. As this presented the only means of access for maintenance of roof top equipment, it was important that the replacement access ladder was strong, durable and easy to operate. Furthermore, a new weather resistant roof hatch was needed. The Supreme with flat roof access hatch provided the perfect solution.