Esca 11 Loft Ladder

The Esca 11 wooden loft ladder…

…FSC® certified traditional wooden loft ladder

From £360 (excl. VAT)


Material: Wood
Operation: 3-part folding
Load capacity: 150kg per step
U-value: 1.30 W/m2K
Max floor-to-ceiling height: 2.85m

The Esca 11 wooden loft ladder is a traditional wooden loft ladder manufactured from FSC® sourced wood. It is supplied as a ready to fit unit in standard sizes only, consisting of a 3-part folding wooden ladder contained within, and attached to, a wooden hatch box and insulated trapdoor.


Key benefits at a glance

  • Traditional wooden loft ladder design.
  • Manufactured from FSC® sourced wood.
  • Load capacity of 150kg per step.
  • Energy efficienct of 1.30 W/m2K.
  • Wide steps with anti-slip profile for comfort and safety.
  • Hatch trap door finished in white on both sides.



  • 3 part folding wooden loft ladder
  • Traditional wooden loft ladder design
  • Load capacity of 150kg per step
  • Supplied assembled in a hatch box with insulated trapdoor
    • Trapdoor supplied with a white finish to both sides
    • Hatch box height of 140mm
    • Snap-lock closure mechanism
  • Energy efficient (U-value of 1.30 W/m2K, certified according to DIN ISO 12567-1 by IFT Rosenheim)
    • Reducing loss of heat and lowering energy costs
  • Class 4 air permeability certified
  • Available in standard hatch sizes for floor-to-ceiling heights between 2200mm and 2850mm
  • Wide steps / treads with anti-slip profile for comfort and safety
    • Step width of 360mm
    • Step depth of 80mm
  • Supplied ready to install


The Esca 11 wooden loft ladder is available in the following standard sizes that can be ordered on line and delivered within 2 weeks.


Clear room height (mm)

Opening length x width (mm) Case height (mm)

2200 – 2850

1200 x 600


2200 – 2850

1200 x 700


2200 – 2850

1300 x 700


2200 – 2850 1400 x 700


  • Supplied with a manufacturer’s 2-year full warranty and 10-year parts warranty


The following accessories are only available for order with a loft ladder.  Please make sure to add the required accessories to your cart before checkout, or contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

Handrail for folding wooden loft ladders


£14 (excl. VAT)

White wooden cover strips for wooden loft ladder hatch boxes

Wooden Cover Strips

£28 (excl. VAT)

Loft Ladder Close-off lock for additional security

Close-Off Lock

£110 (excl. VAT)

NBS Plus

Technical specification for the Esca 11 wooden loft ladder can be found on NBS Plus.

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