Escalmatic Electric Loft Ladder

The Escalmatic electric loft ladder…

…electrical operation for ease of use and ultimate convenience

From £1,475 (excl. VAT)


Material: Steel
Operation: Electric retractable ladder
Load capacity: 150kg per step
U-value: 1.1 W/m2K (with optional ‘Thermocover’)
Max floor-to-ceiling height: 3m

The Escalmatic is an electric loft ladder manufactured from powder coated (White) 15/10 stamped sheet metal. It is attached to a galvanised sheet steel hatch with a 15mm plywood trapdoor with thermal insulation to help prevent the loss of warm air through the attic. The electric loft ladder is controlled via an infrared remote control, which is supplied with the ladder as standard. The Escalmatic opens and closes effortlessly in just a few seconds thanks to the gear motor and electronic control unit. It comes assembled with a galvanised telescopic handrail on both sides for comfort and safety.

An optional accessory further benefits the Escalmatic with a second thermal insulation system; the patented ‘Thermocover’ is designed provide additional insulation between lower and upper floors, guaranteeing a total insulation value equivalent to U = 1.1 W/m2K.


Key benefits at a glance

  • Ease of operation and convenience.
  • Stylish Italian design.
  • Space-saving retractable loft ladder for small ceiling openings.
  • Load capacity of 150kg per step.
  • Energy efficient hatch box and trapdoor (U-value of 1.1 W/m2K when used with ‘Thermocover’).
  • Available in standard sizes for quicker delivery, or can be made to order to meet your exact specification.
  • Electrically operated retractable (concertina) loft ladder
    • Easy to operate
    • Convenience
    • Compact, space-saving design
  • Retractable ladder manufactured from steel
    • Strength
    • Durability
  • Load capacity of 150kg per step
  • Can be easily installed within an existing hatch box or directly to the ceiling timbers or masonry
  • Available in standard sizes for floor-to-ceiling heights up to 3000mm
  • Can be made-to-order to fit a specific ceiling opening size
  • Step width from 250mm to 350mm (x 100mm deep)
  • Telescopic handrail on both sides
  • Upper-floor handrails


The Escalmatic electric loft ladder is available in the following standard sizes that can be ordered online.

Floor-to-ceiling height (mm) Opening length (mm) Opening width (mm) Case height (mm)
3000 900 500 150
3000 900 600 150
3000 900 700 150
3000 900 800 150
3000 1000 500 150
3000 1000 600 150
3000 1000 700 150
3000 1000 800 150
3000 1100 500 150
3000 1100 600 150
3000 1100 700 150
3000 1100 800 150
3000 1200 500 150
3000 1200 600 150
3000 1200 700 150
3000 1200 800 150
3000 1300 500 150
3000 1300 600 150
3000 1300 700 150
3000 1300 800 150


Available made-to-measure…

The Escalmatic electric loft ladder can also be ordered made-to-measure for floor-to-ceiling heights up to 3m. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to arrange a quotation.

  • Manufactured to EN 14975:2007
  • Supplied with a manufacturer’s 2-year full warranty


The following accessories are only available for order with a loft ladder.  Please make sure to add the required accessories to your cart before checkout, or contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

Patented Thermocover for additional insulation of Escalmatic electric loft ladder

'Thermocover' insulation cap

£195 (excl. VAT)


Escalmatic Electric loft ladder brochure


Escalmatic electric loft ladder – 7000101A

Case Studies

Motorised Loft Ladder ticks all the boxes!

PMB Construction UK Ltd recently approached Premier Loft Ladders with a very specific set of needs. Fortunately, the Escalmatic electric motorised loft ladder ticked all the right boxes. Lead-time, quality and attractive design were very important requirements for this residential loft conversion project. The made-to-measure Escalmatic scored in all areas. The end result was an “extremely happy” client who got a loft ladder that was exactly what they wanted.

“Great communication, timely delivery, overall fantastic performance”

Colin Pikhlyk, PMB Construction (UK) Ltd

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