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Premier Loft Ladders - The Preferred Choice

Sam Beardsley Carpentry, based in Worcester, had a client needing a high-spec loft ladder for everyday use in a brand new home. Already familiar with Premier Loft Ladders, Sam got in contact to discuss his project and review the available options. The Supreme was the obvious choice based upon the needs of Sam’s client. The end result was a loft ladder that they were ‘over the moon with’.

Learn more about Sam Beardsley Carpentry’s project and view the video of the installed loft ladder…

Easy access for everyday use…

The main criteria for Sam Beardsley Carpentry’s client was easy access to their newly boarded loft space. They wanted a high quality loft ladder to match their brand new home. An electrically operated loft ladder was originally considered, that was also particularly robust with deep treads for comfort and safe access to the loft. The Supreme Electric offered all of this, however the limited space on the landing and the high cost made it unsuitable.

“The main thing I liked about Premier Loft Ladders were how quick they were in response to any questions I had. Also, rather than trying to sell me the most expensive or outrageous ladder, they got me the exact one for my customers needs.”

Sam Beardsley, Sam Beardsley Carpentry

The Solution

Premier Loft Ladders proposed the manually-operated Supreme Loft Ladder. The Supreme is a heavy duty, high quality loft ladder. It is also very easy to operate, requiring less than 3 kg of operating force. In addition, the highly insulated loft hatch offers a U value of just 0.58 W/m2K and achieves a class 4 airtight seal. As a result, it helps keep the warmth in the home. Another benefit particularly important for this project is that the Supreme can be specified with small hatches, therefore allowing it to fit the trussed ceiling with minimal alteration.

Because of the very limited space on the landing it was necessary to adjust the pitch of the loft ladder. After consultation with Premier Loft Ladders, Sam Beardsley Carpentry were able to remove a tread from the Supreme, such that a slightly steeper pitch was achieved. However, as each Supreme is made-to-measure and the weight perfectly counter-balanced at the factory before delivery, the ladder would not stay in the extended position. Sam Beardsley Carpentry very cleverly solved this issue by adding some lead weights to the bottom two treads, equal to the weight of the removed tread. This worked perfectly, as can be seen in the video, below…

Supreme loft ladder. High quality loft ladder installed into a modern family home.

Above: Supreme loft ladder. High quality loft ladder installed into a modern family home.

The homeowners are very pleased with their new high quality loft ladder. It allows them easy access to their loft. Furthermore, the white hatch features discrete hinges and operating hook, giving a clean and modern finish in their landing, as can be seen in the photo gallery.

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