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Loft Boarding Scotland approached Premier Loft Ladders requiring a loft ladder suitable for providing safe and easy access to the loft of a period home in Elie, Fife. However, the high ceiling and small loft opening presented an issue and ruled out many loft ladders. The solution was the compact Ecco concertina loft ladder, which stepped up the challenge, to the delight of homeowners Ian and Dianne.

The challenge…

Loft Boarding Scotland are a specialist installer of loft flooring, ladders and lighting. Loft Boarding Scotland had already used products from Premier Loft Ladders, so Andrew Johnstone (company Director and founder) knew who to contact for a challenging new project that he was working on. The requirement was for access to a loft in a period property.

The property benefited from high ceilings of 2.85m. However, the location of the loft hatch was in a small area of hallway, measuring just 1143mm long by 1034mm wide. As such, the new loft ladder needed to be compact enough to fit within the small foot-print, yet also capable of reaching a height of 2.85m.

Ecco  steps up the challenge - Compact loft ladder with insulated loft hatch and concealed hinges

Ecco steps up the challenge – Compact loft ladder with insulated loft hatch and concealed hinges.

Another requirement of the new loft ladder was ease-of-use. A big problem with the existing loft ladder was that it was heavy and difficult to use. Therefore, the replacement needed to be simple to operate.

“The problem with the existing ladder was that the ladder itself was very old. It was heavy, it was cumbersome and it was difficult to operate.”

Ian and Dianne

Finally, safety was an important consideration to the home owners, Ian and Dianne. As such, Loft Boarding Scotland wanted a ladder that featured at least one handrail (ideally two) and wide non-slip treads. Also, it was essential that the ladder was robust and stable.

Compact space saving concertina loft ladder

Compact space saving concertina loft ladder.

The Solution…

After reviewing the options available to Loft Boarding Scotland, the Ecco concertina loft ladder was chosen. The reason for this decision was the high quality and compact design of the aluminium concertina ladder. Furthermore, the hatch box and ladder are made-to-measure. As such, the Ecco perfectly fit the particularly tight constraints for this project.

In addition, the counter-balance spring system means that the hatch door is safe and easy to open. Also, extending and closing the ladder is spring assisted.

As mentioned above, Loft Boarding Scotland requested a ladder with wide treads. Fortunately, the Ecco offered exactly that. At 330mm wide, the non-slip treads provide a comfortable footing for stepping up into the loft. In addition, it was specified with two telescopic handrails for this project.

The results…

Loft Boarding Scotland and their clients, Ian and Dianne, had a challenging set of requirements. However, Premier Loft Ladders were able to offer a solution that met all of their needs. As well as providing the ease of use that was sought, the made-to-measure Ecco loft ladder could fit within the limited space that was available.

“So light, neat and simple to use”

Ian and Dianne

The Ecco concertina loft ladder offers lightweight and easy operation

The Ecco concertina loft ladder offers lightweight and easy operation.

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