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The challenge…

Premier Loft Ladders were recently approached by Dean McGill of McEng – Metalwork & Maintenance for a rather unusual application. Dean needed a replacement retractable ladder for access to a TV camera operator gantry at a famous Premier League football stadium.

Positioned above a seating area, high-up in the stadium, the gantry required a ladder that could be neatly retracted out of the way when not in use.  It also had to be operable from above and below. Furthermore, because the existing ladder was broken, Dean needed the replacement ladder as soon as possible so it could be fitted before the next match.

Heavy-duty gantry ladder for TV camera operators.

Heavy-duty gantry ladder for TV camera operators.

Elite Retractable Ladder

Elite Retractable Ladder.

The Solution…

Based upon Dean’s requirements, an Elite loft ladder was the most suitable option. This heavy-duty retractable ladder is rated to 200kg per tread, making it a safe option for use by the camera operator (plus any equipment they may be carrying). It was also able to reach the 3.3m high gantry.

An important feature of the Elite is the sophisticated counter-balance system, which makes operating the ladder very safe and easy. Furthermore, it also enables the ladder to be retracted and extended from above – an essential requirement for this application.

As mentioned, the retractable gantry ladder was needed urgently. However, that was not a problem, as the Elite is carried in stock in a range of the popular sizes, so the 12-tread retractable ladder that Dean needed could be delivered directly to the football stadium within a couple of days.

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