Premier Loft Ladders release a new range of BIM models

Already an early adopter of BIM objects, Premier Loft Ladders has offered models of the Supreme and Elite retractable ladders for many years. However, during that time new products have been launched. Also, architectural and building trends have evolved. Therefore, Premier Loft Ladders have updated and expanded their range of BIM models.

MiniLine fire rated loft ladder available as a BIM object from Premier Loft Ladders

NBS authored BIM objects

To ensure that the products can be used across all platforms and are available in the right format, Premier Loft Ladders selected NBS to author their new BIM objects. As such, architects and designers can be confident that the loft ladder models they select are of the right quality and consistent with other objects that they use in the BIM environment. In addition, this helps to ensure accuracy and efficiency throughout the project.

Furthermore, the loft ladder objects are readily accessible from the NBS National BIM Library. This also means that adding the product data can be simply dragging and dropped into an NBS specification.

What products are available?

BIM objects are available for a wide selection of loft ladders. Such as heavy duty retractable ladders through to the latest in Passivhaus certified loft ladders.

  • Supreme heavy duty retractable loft ladder
  • Elite heavy duty retractable ladder
  • Supreme F30 with fire rated steel hatch
  • Supreme F60/F90 fire rated steel hatch
  • Isotec fire resistant loft ladder (up to 120 minutes fire protection)
  • Klimatec 160 passivhaus certified loft ladder
  • Ecco concertina loft ladder
  • Designo wooden loft ladder (including passivhaus certified version)
  • MiniLine fire rated concertina loft ladder (F30, F30 Plus and F60 fire rated)
  • Supreme Vertical

Loft ladder technical data

To further assist architects and designers, Premier Loft Ladders offer technical drawings for most of the their products.  Furthermore, these drawings are available in either DWG or PDF format.  As such, they can be easily incorporated into architectural plans or shared with contractors and clients.

Also available are NBS Plus product specifications. These can be copied directly from the web site, or can be accessed via NBS.

Supreme retractable ladder BIM object. From Premier Loft Ladders.

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