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Choosing a new loft ladder can be difficult. There are many options available. Furthermore, loft ladder reviews based purely on a scoring system can be misleading. For example, what might be a great loft ladder for one person, may be a terrible choice for someone else. It is important to choose a product that best suits your particular needs. As a result, we have based our loft ladder reviews upon real life case studies.

Over the years, Premier Loft Ladders have supported customers with a wide range of projects. Quite often, the challenges faced by one client might be similar to those faced by another. Therefore, with help from our clients, we have created a series of case studies. The case studies provide in depth loft ladder reviews. In addition, they feature feedback, images and videos of the project.

The following extracts are from a few of our recent case studies. We regularly publish new case studies, so please be sure to regularly visit our website, or follow us on social media.

Aluminium concertina ladder offering easy access to loft. Ecco from Premier Loft Ladders

Ecco concertina loft ladder steps up to the challenge

Loft Boarding Scotland and their clients, Ian and Dianne, had a challenging set of requirements. Firstly, they needed a replacement loft ladder that offered safe and easy access to the loft of a period home. Secondly, the new loft ladder needed to be suitable for a high ceiling with only a small loft opening. As such, the compact Ecco loft ladder provided the perfect solution.

“So light, neat and simple to use”

Ian and Dianne

Elite Vertical loft Ladder fitted into New Build home. Premier Loft Ladders

Elite Vertical loft ladder proves to be the perfect solution for a New Build project in France

Jill Ranford and Patrick Taggart are the proud owners of a beautiful new build home in Southern France. The main bedroom features a vaulted ceiling with access to a loft via a wall hatch located 2.7m up from the floor. Therefore a loft ladder was required that could be easily operated at that height and could be folded behind the wall hatch door without taking up too much loft space. The Elite Vertical Loft Ladder proved to be the perfect solution for Jill and Patrick’s needs.

“The Elite is now installed in our loft doorway and performs beautifully. It is so unlike cheap loft ladders that I’ve come across in the past”

Jill Ranford

Space saving compact loft ladder - Piccolo Premium from Premier Loft Ladders

Compact loft ladder for fire escape

Eversley Building Services Ltd required a roof access ladder for emergency use in the event of a fire. However, the application presented many challenges, in particular the small skylight aperture. As such, a compact loft ladder was needed. Furthermore, it needed to be easy and safe to use. The Piccolo Premium ticked all the boxes.

“The install was very straight forward and the client was extremely happy with the product.”

Mark Winscott, Eversley Building Services Ltd

Supreme Loft Ladder with deep hatch box for suspended ceiling. Premier Loft Ladders

Suspended ceiling hatch and loft ladder

Premier Loft Ladders helped Horizon Construction provide a safe and convenient access solution to a 1st floor plant room within a premium car showroom. What made this project particularly challenging was the 1.8m deep ceiling void. In addition, the access point was also in a prominent location outside the showroom offices.

The Supreme loft ladder offered the perfect solution. The heavy duty concertina loft ladder featured a bespoke, deep hatch box. As a result, it provides safe and easy access to the car dealership plant room.

Quadro wooden pull-down loft ladder for small ceiling opening. Premier Loft Ladders

Wooden pull-down loft ladder for a small opening

After over 30 years of regular use, Callan Cessford’s pull-down loft ladder was in need of replacement. He needed a new loft ladder that would fit within the existing opening and was easy to use. Furthermore, Callan preferred the loft ladder to be made from wood, like his current one. The made-to-measure Quadro offered the ideal solution for Callan’s needs.

“The person who helped me has been a carpenter for over 50 yrs. He was impressed with it.”

Callan Cessford

Glass loft hatch ladder - Piccolo Premium Vertical from Premier Loft Ladders

Piccolo Premium Vertical loft ladder offers innovative access via glass loft hatch

The glass loft hatch in this Victorian family home provides a valuable source of natural light. However, it is also the only means of access to the loft. The home owners wanted a loft ladder that maintained the period features, did not block the light and could fit within the existing small opening. Therefore, finding the right loft ladder was very difficult.

A compact loft ladder that could be stowed away from the opening was needed. The Piccolo Premium Vertical loft ladder offered the perfect solution.

The ‘Supreme’ Electric ladder lives up to its name – Case study

Electric loft ladders offer a superb solution for easy access to loft spaces. Especially for rooms with a very high ceiling, such as this property in Edinburgh. Read our latest case study to learn about how the Supreme Electric ladder lived up to its name...  The...

Safe & compact loft conversion stairs for family home

Loft conversions are a popular way to add valuable space to your home. One of the biggest challenges with any loft conversion is where to put the stairs. Also, what type of staircase should you go for? Home owners Bobby and Simon had exactly these concerns when...

Suspended ceiling hatch and loft ladder – Case study

Premier Loft Ladders has recently helped Horizon Construction provide a safe and convenient access solution to a 1st floor plant room within a premium car showroom. What made this project particularly challenging was the 1.8m deep ceiling void. In addition, the access...

Automatic loft ladders make loft access easy (and fun)

“Thanks again for making our loft not only accessible, but fun at the same time, we just have to stop arguing about whose turn it is to press the button” It’s not very often that you hear about a loft ladder being fun, but that is exactly how Simon and Rochelle...

Elite access to rooflight – Case study

Making the most of outdoor space in an urban environment is very important. With land at a premium, more people are converting their flat roof space to a garden retreat. How do you get to it though? A full size staircase takes up a lot of room and can be quite...

Loft ladder for sloping loft hatch – Case study

Anyone with a sloping loft hatch will appreciate the difficulty of finding a suitable loft ladder. Furthermore, the problem is even worse when the hatch is positioned over a staircase. This is exactly the problem faced by Michael Hall, who needed an easy to operate...

The Supreme loft ladder provides easy access to loft for everyday use in family home – Case study

Sam Beardsley Carpentry, based in Worcester, had a client needing a high-spec loft ladder for everyday use in a brand new home. Already familiar with Premier Loft Ladders, Sam got in contact to discuss his project and review the available options. The Supreme was the...

Ecco loft ladder steps up to the challenge – Case study

Loft Boarding Scotland approached Premier Loft Ladders requiring a loft ladder suitable for providing safe and easy access to the loft of a period home in Elie, Fife. However, the high ceiling and small loft opening presented an issue and ruled out many loft ladders....

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