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Eversley Building Services Ltd required a roof access ladder for emergency use in the event of a fire. However, the application constraints presented many challenges, in particular the small skylight aperture. As such, a particularly compact loft ladder was needed.

The challenge…

Mark Winscott of Eversley Building Services Ltd contacted Premier Loft Ladders for help finding a loft ladder for use as an emergency escape from a shared business premises in the event of fire. The existing ladder was an old, poor-quality concertina loft ladder that was unstable during use. As such, it was not suitable for use in an emergency and needed to be replaced.

The first problem when considering a replacement was the size of the aperture beneath the roof light. In particular, the depth of the void was quite shallow, made worse by a metal joist that housed the skylight gas-struts. Furthermore, the ladder needed to clear a staircase balustrades below.  As a result, the new ladder needed to be very compact when stowed within the skylight void, as well as being narrow enough to avoid the balustrade below when it was extended.

Furthermore, because the compact loft ladder would be used during an emergency, it had to be easy-to-operate and safe for its occupants.

The Solution…

Mark searched the internet and found Premier Loft Ladders. He had originally considered the Elite heavy duty concertina ladder, which is a popular choice for this type of requirement. However, after carefully reviewing the dimensions and space available, Premier Loft Ladders identified that the Elite was not the best solution for this particular project. There were two problems; the first being that the Elite would not fit within the space under the skylight. The second issue was the space on the landing was very narrow, which would mean the Elite would have to be fitted with very narrow treads.

“The sales team were very responsive and helped a great deal in working out which product would suit the small landing and tight aperture to which the ladder was to be fixed.”

Mark Winscott, Eversley Building Services Ltd

Piccolo Premium loft ladder fitted beneath a small roof light

Piccolo Premium compact loft ladder fitted beneath a small roof light.

Space saving loft ladder. Piccolo Premium from Premier Loft Ladders

Piccolo Premium in the stowed position.

Instead of the Elite, Premier Loft Ladders recommended the Piccolo Premium. This compact loft ladder could fit snugly beneath the skylight. Also, the counter-balanced spring system holds it in the stowed position when not in use. Furthermore, the Piccolo Premium could comfortably clear the balustrades without compromising the tread width. With treads measuring 33 cm wide, climbing up the ladder is safe and easy.

The Piccolo Premium is assembled from precision engineered aluminium components, making it lightweight and durable. In addition, it is suitable for loads of up to 150 kg per tread.

The results…

The Piccolo Premium was available from stock, so Eversley Building Services Ltd had it swiftly delivered to site ready for installation. As shown in the photos, the compact loft ladder fit perfectly within the space beneath the roof light.

“The install was very straight forward and the client was extremely happy with the product.”

Mark Winscott, Eversley Building Services Ltd

Piccolo Premium concertina loft ladder installed beneath a roof light. Premier Loft Ladders case study

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Other compact loft ladders

In addition to the Piccolo Premium, Premier loft ladders offer a range of small loft ladders to suit a wide variety of needs. Therefore, please explore the rest of our product range or contact us to discuss your project.

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