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Metcraft Engineering contacted Premier Loft Ladders looking for a way to access to a lift motor room on a multi-story car park. Access was through a large ceiling aperture, measuring 1200mm x 1200mm. Being in a public space, security was a big concern. The solution was a heavy duty steel hatch with concertina ladder…


The challenge…

A council-owned carpark in Bury St Edmunds required a new means of access to the plant room, which housed the building’s lift motor and other services. Haverhill-based Metcraft Engineering Ltd were tasked with the job of installing a suitable solution. The brief required the following:

  • Secure access – preventing unauthorised people from gaining access to the plant room.
  • High-strength ladder suitable for maintenance personnel carrying tools and equipment.
  • Suitable for an external situation (although sheltered from rain).
  • Maintain as large aperture as possible to allow for replacement motors to be passed through.
  • Fit within a 1200mm x 1200mm aperture in a 200mm thick concrete slab.

Metcraft Engineering contacted Premier Loft Ladders to enquire about their range of heavy-duty loft ladders.

The Solution…

After careful consideration of the requirements a custom solution was recommended, based upon the heavy-duty fire-rated steel loft hatch. Although fire-protection was not necessary, the steel hatch provided the strength and durability needed for the project. Furthermore, it could be made-to-measure to fit the large aperture of 1200mm x 1200mm.

In addition, the steel hatch can be fitted with a Euro-profile cylinder lock, which is operated from a modified operating pole from the ground. Therefore, only authorised personnel can gain access to the car park plant room.

Fire-rated Steel hatch with lock

Heavy-duty steel hatch with security lock.

Elite concertina loft ladder fitted to steel hatch box

Elite concertina ladder fitted within steel hatch.

The other important requirement was the ladder. The fire-rated steel hatch is available with a fully integrated concertina ladder. However, this would get in the way when the motors need to be removed from the plant room. As such, Premier Loft Ladders proposed fitting an Elite loft ladder. This high-strength (200kg per tread) concertina ladder offered a slightly more compact solution. Also, as it operated independently of the hatch it could also be entirely removed if it did obstruct the motor.

Another benefit of the Elite is the clever counter-balance mechanism, which makes extending and retracting the ladder very easy. As such, it improves the safety for those using the ladder to access the plant room.

The results…

The local council were pleased with the finished result. The steel hatch and Elite loft ladder offered the secure access to the plant room that they needed.  The euro-profile cylinder lock meant only authorised personnel could gain access to the car park’s lift-motor and other equipment kept in the plant room. Furthermore, the hatch perfectly fit within the existing concrete aperture, without any need for alterations on-site.

The ladder itself provides an easy and safe way to enter the plant room. In addition, the heavy-duty load rating and aluminium construction ensure it will provide many years of service. However, when necessary, the ladder can be easily removed to allow large equipment to be hoisted through the aperture.

Elite Loft Ladder providing access to plant room

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In addition to the steel hatch and Elite loft ladder products discussed in this case study, Premier loft ladders offer a wide range of products suitable for access into a plant room. Therefore, please explore the rest of our product range or contact us to discuss your project.

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