Premier Loft Ladders are the UK main dealer of Columbus Treppen loft ladders

Columbus Treppen GmbH – supplier profile

Company overview

Columbus Treppen GmbH has over 60 years of experience in manufacturing loft ladders and staircases. Furthermore, it pioneered the concept of space-saving concertina stairs, for which it is best known. Over the years, Columbus has continued to enhance its manufacturing process; perfectly combining hand-craftsmanship with high precision, state-of-the-art technology. The result is a range of loft ladders, stairs and flat roof access hatches of the highest quality.

Located in Neusäß near Augsburg, Columbus Treppen employs more than 80 people and is an independent business unit under the umbrella of Roto Frank AG. As a result of Roto’s experience with precision-engineered window hardware systems has helped inspire some of the latest and most innovative loft ladders from Columbus.  A good example of this is the Designo wooden loft ladder, which features a Roto 6-point locking mechanism to create an airtight seal when closed.

Product range

As a result of a relationship spanning more than 15 years, Premier Loft Ladders is the main UK distributor for Columbus Treppen GmbH. Subsequently, we offer the complete range of Columbus loft ladders. Also known as the Exklusiv, the Supreme heavy duty loft ladder remains our most popular product. It is an extremely versatile product, that can be specified with a wide range of hatch box and operational options. In addition, the Elite (also referred to as the Junior) is a popular loft ladder. This is because it offers the same high strength and easy-to-use benefits as the Supreme, but is very easy to install and can be fitted within existing hatch boxes. Furthermore, the expanding range of wooden loft ladders, such as the Designo and Quadro, add to the premium product line-up.

View the product gallery for an overview of the Columbus Treppen product range…


Innovation and perfection have shaped Columbus Treppen since it was started. Following the invention of the scissor staircase, Columbus have created loft ladders that continue to remain a model for ease of use, stability and reliability. Furthermore, their products are known for longevity and durability.

Before leaving the factory, Columbus loft ladders are fully tested according to DIN standards. They also come with a 10 year functional guarantee.

CAD Drawings & Technical Data

Premier loft ladders provide a complete range of drawings (.pdf and .dwg file formats) for Columbus Treppen loft ladders. Please visit our Technical Data page for full details.  Alternatively, drawings can also be found on the product pages.

In addition, installation and operation manuals are supplied with all orders, but also available on request.  Therefore, please contact us for details.

Spare parts and accessories

Columbus Treppen loft ladders last a very long time. However, parts may need to be replaced on the some of the older products.  Also, accidents can happen and damaged parts will need to be replaced. However, our many years of experience and close relationship with Columbus mean we are ready to help.

Perhaps you need new spring-arms for your old Roto wooden loft ladder. Maybe you would like to add an extra switch to your electrically operated loft ladder. Or would like to fit a new set of protective non-slip feet? Whatever your needs, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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