Loft Hatch Spring Hardware Pack

Loft Hatch Spring Hardware Pack

The spring hardware pack from Premier Loft Ladders offers a retro-fit solution for adding a counter-balance spring mechanism to an existing or new loft hatch. The kit consists of spring arms/struts (left and right), a pair of springs, plus brackets and fixings for securing to your loft hatch and the hatch box frame.

Spring hardware set customer manufactured ceiling hatch box and trapdoor

Why is it needed?

It is important that a loft hatch does not swing open un-controlled. This can present a significant safety issue, particularly when the loft ladder is also fitted to the loft hatch as it becomes quite heavy. In fact, the loft hatch should hover just below the ceiling level when un-latched. A counter-balance spring system helps to achieve this. Furthermore, it makes it much easier to close the hatch after use.


Will the spring hardware pack work for my loft hatch?

The pack is designed to work for a large range of situations. There are a couple of key constraints:

  1. Weight of the hatch door and additional fixings should not exceed 20 kg
  2. Minimum length inside the hatch box is 675mm (we generally recommend a hatch of 750mm).

In addition, the upper surface of the loft hatch needs to have a solid load bearing surface for the brackets to fix into.


Spring hardware pack used to replace broken springs on an existing loft ladder

One of the most common uses for the spring hardware pack is to replace a broken spring mechanism on an old loft ladder. The image gallery below shows an example of this. In this project, the customer used S-hooks (not supplied) to reduce the tension in the system such that it provided a better balance for their loft ladder.

Installation Manual

Loft hatch spring hardware pack installation manual

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