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  • Premier Loft Ladders are the preferred choice of architects and building industry professionals.
  • Our range of heavy duty loft ladders and stairways meet the highest quality standards.
  • We offer a full range of CAD drawings and technical data to help make it easy for you to specify the right solution.
  • We offer a range of options to achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency and fire resistance.
  • You have confidence and peace-of-mind knowing that your loft ladder comes with a 2-year full warranty and 10-year parts warranty.
Elite retractable commercial loft ladders with headboard. Ideal flat roof access ladder


  • Ease of operation (operation force less than 3kg)
  • High strength, heavy duty commercial loft ladder, with a load capacity of 200kg per step
  • High energy efficiency of 0.58 W/m2K
  • Can be specified to meet F30, F60 or F90 fire resistance
  • Can be made-to-order to meet your exact specification, with a wide-range of accessories
  • Available with a low-noise electric motor for the ultimate in convenience

Prices starting from £1,060 (excl. VAT)


  • The ideal ladder for a renovation project, replacement of an old loft ladder or for fitting into an existing hatch box
  • Suitable for small ceiling openings (from 620mm long and 430mm wide)
  • Easy to install
  • Ease of operation (operation force less than 3kg)
  • High strength, heavy duty commercial loft ladder, with a load capacity of 200kg per step
  • Large steps/treads for safety and convenience
  • Available with a special headboard featuring additional height-adjustable steps for high ceiling voids

Prices starting from £620 (excl. VAT)

ProfiLine F30 / F30 Plus / F60

  • Traditional style 3 part folding wooden loft ladder
  • Good energy efficiency of 0.92 W/m2K
  • Fire resistant loft ladder and hatch box – certified to either 30 minutes (F30 / F30 Plus) or 60 minutes (F60)
  • Load capacity of 150kg per step
  • Step depth of 80mm with anti-slip profile
  • Available in standard sizes or made-to-order to meet your exact specification

Prices starting from £620 (excl. VAT)

Prices starting from £1,060 (excl. VAT)

Prices starting from £620 (excl. VAT)

Prices starting from £620 (excl. VAT)

BIM Components, CAD Drawings & Technical Data

BIM Components

The Supreme stairway and Elite heavy duty loft ladders are available as BIM objects from Bimstore.co.uk.

Follow the links below or visit Bimstore.co.uk to download the components.

NBS Plus

To help designers specify our products in just one click, a selection of technical specifications for our most popular commercial loft ladders can be found on NBS Plus.

CAD Drawings & Technical Data

Premier loft ladders provide a complete range of digitized drawings (.pdf and .dwg file formats) for use during the design or installation stages of your project.  Please visit our Technical Data page for the complete selection of drawings and useful information.  Alternatively, drawings can also be found on the associated product pages.

Installation and operation manuals are supplied with all orders, but also available on request.  Please contact us for details.

Application Solutions


How do you recognise a ‘heavy duty loft ladder’?

When choosing a loft ladder for commercial and industrial applications it is recommended that you choose a heavy duty loft ladder. They are able to carry higher loads and are more robust and durable than ladders designed for residential projects.

Our useful guide helps identify the key features to look for when choosing heavy duty commercial loft ladders.

Taking the right steps to combat fire

A fire rated loft hatch and ladder provides safe and convenient access into a loft, plant room or onto a roof, while still providing up to 90 minutes of fire resistance. It can also provide high levels of thermal insulation and therefore help to keep energy costs down.

Our guide helps to explain the important considerations for choosing and installing a fire resistant loft ladder.


Can we be of help?

If you require help in choosing the right loft ladder, would like to discuss your application, arrange a site visit or request further information, please do not hesitate to contact us…

Telephone No: 0845 9000 195    Email address: sales@premierloftladders.com

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