Designo DD wooden loft ladder with upper hatch for superb thermal insulation. Premier Loft Ladders

Wooden loft ladder and hatch box Load rating of 180kg per tread Overall Load rating. 420kg/m2 Supplied with handrail as standard Available made-to-measure Thermally insulated. U value = 0.29W/m2K Class 4 certified airtight seal

Designo DD Loft Ladder

The Designo DD wooden loft ladder…

…with upper loft hatch for superb thermal insulation

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Material: Wood
Operation: 3-part folding
Load capacity: 180 kg per step
U-value: 0.29 W/m2K
Max floor-to-ceiling height: 3.3 m

The Designo DD wooden loft ladder perfectly balances aesthetics with strength, quality and excellent energy efficiency. Also, it is quiet, smooth and easy to operate. The 3-part folding heavy duty wooden loft ladder is contained within, and attached to, a highly insulated wooden hatch box with a secondary upper loft hatch. The upper hatch can be closed immediately after entering the loft, therefore preventing the flow of air. This not only helps to lock the warmth in the home or building, but also prevents moist air from flowing into the loft and condensing in the cold areas. The highly insulated lower trapdoor with 6-point locking mechanism provides an airtight seal.

The Designo DD loft ladder is also fitted with the patented WDL sealing and insulation tape, which provides a perfect seal between the hatch box and building and saves time during installation.


Key benefits at a glance

  • Traditional wooden loft ladder design.
  • Insulated upper loft hatch.
  • High strength ladder.
  • Load capacity of 180 kg per step.
  • Very high energy efficiency of 0.29 W/m2K
  • 6-point locking trapdoor for a tight seal when closed.
  • Wide steps with anti-slip profile for comfort and safety.
  • Available in standard sizes or made-to-order with a range of options and accessories.
  • 3 part folding wooden loft ladder with adjustable tilt
  • Traditional wooden loft ladder design
    • Attractive styling
    • Strength
    • Quality
  • High strength ladder, with a load capacity of 180 kg per step
  • Supplied assembled in a hatch box with insulated trapdoor and upper loft hatch
    • Trapdoor supplied with a white finish to both sides
    • Upper hatch with one-hand, gas-spring assisted operation
    • Standard hatch box height of 670 mm, but can be specified for heights of up to 710 mm
    • 6-point locking mechanism on trapdoor
  • Very high energy efficiency (U-value of 0.29 W/m2K, calculated by the manufacturer according to DIN ISO 6946)
  • Class 4 air permeability certified
  • Available in standard hatch sizes for floor-to-ceiling heights between 2300 mm and 2800 mm
  • Can be made-to-order to meet your exact dimensional requirements, for floor-to-ceiling heights of up to 3300 mm (contact us for details)
  • Wide steps / treads with anti-slip profile for comfort and safety
    • Step width of 330 mm
    • Step depth of 80 mm
  • Supplied ready to install with a range of accessories
    • Handrail for safety
    • Protective feet
    • Operating rod with square shaft
    • Snap-on cover strips in white
    • Pre-drilled hatch box and mounting screws


The Designo DD loft ladder is available in the following standard sizes that can be ordered on line.

Clear room height (mm)

Opening length x width (mm) Case height (mm)

2300 – 2800

1200 x 600


2300 – 2800

1200 x 700


2300 – 2800

1300 x 700


2300 – 2800 1400 x 700


The upper hatch is hinged on the right-hand side (when climbing the ladder). Please let us know when ordering if you prefer to have it hinged on the left-hand side.

Available made-to-measure…

The Designo DD loft ladder can also be ordered made-to-measure for floor-to-ceiling heights from 2.3m to 3.3m, and opening sizes from 1200mm long x 550mm wide. Please download a ‘customer specification sheet’ (below) and contact us to discuss your requirements and to arrange a quotation.

CSS PLL Designo

  • Manufactured and tested to EN 14975 (certified by TÜV SÜD)
  • Supplied with a manufacturer’s 2-year full warranty and 10-year parts warranty


The following accessories are only available for order with a loft ladder.  Please make sure to add the required accessories to your cart before checkout, or contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

Loft Ladder Close-off lock for additional security

Security lock

£145 (excl. VAT)


Designo Loft Ladder brochure

NBS Source

Technical specification for the Designo wooden loft ladder can be found on NBS Source. Please select the Designo DD in the ‘Accessories’ section to add it to the specification.

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