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This month, we celebrate our 18th anniversary! This is quite a significant milestone, especially when considering the significant events that rocked the world during this time.

The financial crisis in 2008 was the first we had to contend with. For a young business at the time, that was a particularly big challenge. Despite an inevitable slowdown in business during the financial crash, we persevered and came out stronger.

What we learnt during 2008, and the period of recovery afterwards, helped us prepare for future uncertainties. Therefore, when struck with the challenges of both Covid-19 and Brexit we were able to weather the storm and adapt to the new ‘norms’ that are a result of these events.

No doubt, there will be many more ups-and-downs in the future!

What to expect from Premier Loft Ladders over the next 12 months…

First and foremost, we will continue to offer the same high-quality products and customer service that our customers have become used to.

Like other businesses involved with the construction industry, raw material cost and availability continue to present an on-going challenge. We are working hard to minimise the impact to our customers, but delivery lead-times may fluctuate until the UK and global supply-chain settles-down after the impact of Covid-19 and Brexit. Therefore, please check the latest lead-times by contacting us and allow plenty of time for ordering your loft ladder.

On a more positive note, we have recently expanded our range of Passive House certified loft ladders as part of our drive to support a more sustainable future. These complement our existing range of highly insulated loft ladders.

Also, we have added some more loft eaves doors to our portfolio, which offer a cost-effective option for standard sizes, as well as a fire-rated door. For further details of these, please click here.

DWF Fire resistant loft eaves storage door. Installed.

DWF Fire resistant loft eaves storage door.

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