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Building material availability and its impact on loft ladder deliveries

As highlighted in the national press, the construction industry is facing significant challenges due the high demand for building materials. This is regrettably impacting the loft ladders, roof hatches and associated products supplied by Premier Loft Ladders.

The spike in demand has meant that capacity in the manufacturing facilities is causing delays in production. In addition, the availability of raw materials such as timber, aluminium and steel is also starting to present a problem. As a result, lead-times for our made-to-measure products have increased. 

How will this effect you and what are we doing about it?

In the short-term we have noticed a number of orders running a few days late. We are working closely with the teams at the manufacturing facilities to keep these delays to a minimum. Furthermore, we are doing our best to recover lost time by expediting shipments and deliveries wherever possible.

Lead-times for new orders are increasing. Again, we are working hard to minimise the impact and are providing as much information as possible to customers prior to orders being placed. We are also encouraging customers to order their loft ladders as soon as possible to prevent the risk of delay to their project.

Substantial rises in raw material costs are also causing problems. Premier Loft Ladders and our manufacturing partners have absorbed much of those costs, however we have had to recently adjust pricing for a large number of our products. Further price increases may be necessary. We are continuing to monitor the situation carefully and will be working with customers to soften the impact.

Get in touch

If you have any concerns regarding the above, please do get in touch so that we can discuss your project and requirements. We may be able to assist in recommending alternative products that are available on shorter lead-times or at lower cost.

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