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“Thanks again for making our loft not only accessible, but fun at the same time, we just have to stop arguing about whose turn it is to press the button”

It’s not very often that you hear about a loft ladder being fun, but that is exactly how Simon and Rochelle Solomon described their new Escalmatic electric loft ladder…

The challenge…

Simon and Rochelle needed to make better use of their large loft space. The existing loft hatch was poorly located and they wanted an easy, hassle-free method of accessing their loft on a regular basis. They therefore began researching loft ladders on the internet and felt that automatic loft ladders provided the best solution.

The Solution

As part of their research, Simon and Rochelle came upon the Premier Loft Ladders website, which offered a carefully selected range of electric loft ladders. Simon then called Premier Loft Ladders to discuss his project in more detail and get more information on the options available. A concertina electric loft ladder was quickly identified as being ideal for their requirements, so a quotation was prepared for both the Supreme and Escalmatic loft ladders.

“All the information we needed was in a concise, timely and courteous manner. It gave us confidence in Premier Loft Ladders”

Simon and Rochelle Solomon

The Escalmatic was the preferred choice. The automatic loft ladder matched Simon and Rochelle’s needs perfectly.  The infrared remote control offered ease of use and convenience, while the white powder coat paint provided an attractive finish, ideal for a residential project. Safety is also taken care of, with the inclusion of non-slip treads and two telescopic handrails, as well as upper-level handrails (balance rails) integrated into the hatch box.

Simon and Rochelle’s Escalmatic loft ladder was made-to-order with a large hatch of 1200mm by 700mm, allowing them to carry bulkier items into and out of the loft with ease. However, because of the less than ideal location of the existing loft hatch, a new aperture needed to be made. To assist with creating the new ceiling aperture and install the Escalmatic, we recommended the services of Right Height Ltd. Premier Loft Ladders have worked with Right Height on a number of projects (both commercial and residential) in London and the surrounding area. Right Height are therefore very familiar with the Premier Loft Ladder range, including the fully automatic loft ladders.

The results…

Premier Loft Ladders received very positive feedback from Simon and Rochelle, who were “extremely happy with the delivery, lead time, quality and functionality” of their new fully automated electric loft ladder.

“We would have absolutely no problem in recommending Premier Loft Ladders to anyone and cannot rate the company, product and staff highly enough – first rate all round!!”

Simon and Rochelle Solomon

The following images show the new aperture for the automatic loft ladder being prepared and the Escalmatic installed…

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